get a load of a piece of crap video game

User Rating: 1 | Top Gun: Combat Zones PS2
if uve played movie based games before, youll know what im talking about. well this game has sloppy control, terrible everything, and its easy to crash in 2 seconds. well all i can say is get a load of a piece of crap video game because you know you wont wanna play a game like this again. but this game could be, in my opinion, as bad as superman 64(shudders). ive only played this game like 10 times and it sucks to the max. all i will say now is dont buy it or it will be a waste of money. heck, this game was made by titus, who made superman 64, what would you expect from a game made by titus. how dare titus wasted our life playing this piece of crap game. i'd honestly be off playing charlies angels for the gamecube. the movie is so much better than this game. well another saying for this game is when you see the word top gun in a game, you know theres trouble