Top Gun is unfourtunatley a badly executed game with a good licence.

User Rating: 3.3 | Top Gun: Combat Zones PS2
Back in the 80's one of my guilty pleasures was playing Konami's Top Gun on my NES. I spent countless of hours pressing down on the controller to stay flying high over the chaos. Later the NES released Top Gun 2 from Konami, which let you do barrel rolls and allowed for 2 players to dogfight each other which was a big deal back then.
Titus Software's attempt to reinvent to Top Gun game fell short of disastrous. Mediocre graphics and insipid sound, come together with poor game play and bad level design, to create the worst flight simulator game I have ever played. There is no creative manifestation of the great Top Gun licence anywhere in the game to be found.
I remember how forward I was looking to play this game, but I also remember how quickly I got rid of it after I had gotten it.
If you want a good flight simulator game for the PS2 then go with Ace Combat 4 or 5. Both are good examples of what Top Gun: Combat Zones could have become. I can't help to wonder what Top Gun would be ike if it was released by Konami again.