top gun combat zones, what was i thinking, this game is a wanna be ace combat 5

User Rating: 3.4 | Top Gun: Combat Zones PC
this is the worst flight sim game released after the year 2000! ud think the developers would have the brains to include an aircraft carrier for the gulf missions because it was in the original movie and also because the f-14 tomcat is the main plane in the film and the game. the game has two aircraft that can take off carriers in real life - the f-18 and the f-14. apart from that, the missions are so repetitive and dull. from the first training mission to the last mission - the content is the same. except in the last mission u have to destroy more AA guns or boats or planes or tanks or choppers. the game lacks variety and there are no special features or depth in the game. if u want to buy a modern combat flight sim - get ace combat 5 or wait a few months for the new ace combat zero- if u have a ps2