One of Playstation"s best

User Rating: 9.5 | Tombi! PS
Here is one of the most fun games you will find on the Playstation. It is a beautiful, and very well put together game. Its very solid and easy to understand. I never saw a game that was 2D with all this going on as well as this title did. I will always hold it as the most underrated video game of all time. It was such a amazing game, but too bad they only made two of them. I know not much people know about this fantastic game, but if you ever see it for a low price I really suggest you to pick it up. I had a blast, and thought it was a very good and clean game. Like I still remember the part of the 100 year old man saying"This was once a peaceful land until seven evil pigs came." All this and more will keep you playing for hours to come. This game will never be remembered sadly!