Don't be off-put by the graphics or the fact that its a 2D - Screen stroller, this game is simply amazing!

User Rating: 9.6 | Tombi! PS
Tombi, a little Pink-haired boy sent to destroy and capture seven evil pig Lords and reclaim what it rightfully his, his dads necklace, on your journey you'll meet 100 year old men, monkeys, dwarves among numerous other things. You'll have to fight Mushrooms and pigs and spiders, the list goes on. Other than this games overall "fun-ness", theres also a hefty amount of side quests you can do at the end, not often you find that in an old game its usually just start-finish-the end, done, no more to discover, but not with Tombi.

I remember playing this game when i was about 5-6, back then i loved this game so much, i only ever had the demo of it but still it was a lot of fun. About 6 years later, i'm looking through old PSX games on gamespot and i see it, Tombi, and all the memories of this game came back, and i bought it. This game is just so Unique and fun and different, although its old and isn't really appreciated, this game is a must for all gamers, god damn download it from the internet if you have to its so bloody rare now thats the only way you can get it without paying minimum of $50.