It's good despite it's flaws, and I love it.

User Rating: 9 | Tomb Raider: Legend PC
I've reviewed the Xbox 360 version of this game, but I had this game before my 360, back when my PC wasn't pimp enough.

The graphics in comparison to the 360 version? A lot better. If you run a game as old as this on a new high spec PC, you'll find that it is actually graphically superior than the 360. The performance in it was superb, no slow down in frame rate. It's constant and smoother than the 360 game.

The combat is much like the 360 version, the nice touch was being able to use the 360 controller for this game. Although with one or two snags. It handles like a 360 version, well almost. Basically use the LT trigger to aim, left analog to move about etc. The problem I found with this version is the aiming and shooting, it's not as fluid as you would want.

In the 360 version, no matter where you move Lara and move you right analog for camera, your automatically aimed cross hair doesn't escape your target. Here in the PC version, it's awkward. Whilst moving Lara away from targeted jaguar and move my camera for more coverage, her guns seemed to shoot away from the target. It doesn't hit. That bit of control quirk was annoying especially in a situation where you need to be on your toes otherwise you will take more damage.

The other problem that still persisted is the awkward camera, at times you have to do a leap of faith and hopefully you don't commit Lara-cide.

A nice touch to the game is the ability to use your binoculars and switch to what's called RAD mode to see the kinds of mechanism in your surround areas. Also having a light to shine in dark areas was by far the most useful tool in the game.

In comparison to the old TR games by Core Design, Crystal Dynamics has done very well sharp, fluid and responsive movements of Lara. From sharp turns to smooth acrobatics. The levels in the game was fun, there were some nice variation from being in the jungles, to infiltrating the Japanese yakuza HQ. The puzzles were fun but a little too easy. There were also some nice traps made. The only problem I had with this, was the quick time events, the press X to not die thing.

The story was good, I love the voice acting, the characters are nicely done and the soundtrack was exceptional. There's the light humour here and there during the course of the TR exploration that adds laughter value. It's a game worth playing if you want the kind of light-heartedness. The other problem was that it ended in the cliffhanger style.