The Tomb Raider series makes a comeback but it just isn't like the original Tomb Raider. *Sigh*

User Rating: 7 | Tomb Raider Chronicles PC
Fun game, good plot, few weapons, and new moves. But i liked the Tomb Raider series how it was before! We don't really need to be able to climb a shelf and climb corners on walls. But this game dose have positives like telling us stories of what happened before Lara's first adventure. Winston and some other men are siting in Lara's very manor telling adventures Lara has had in the past. I think the plot is good but i don't love it for one reason. Were getting nowhere in continuing our story all we know is in the end Lara is still alive which accomplished barley anything because they are obviously not going to kill of Lara! Anyway, another thing that confuses me is that in this game Lara drops Pierre off a cliff and he is back again in Tomb Raider! I mean was there a sack of marsh mellows waiting at the bottom or something!? Anyway I still like this game and I think if you are a Tomb raider fan you should get it.

-The Arena Master