The best Splinter Cell till date.

User Rating: 9 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory PC

Sam Fisher returns for the 3rd installment and probably the most refined in terms of graphics and game play. The varied missions along with the around the globe story as usual make this one a winner.

Sam can now rip apart small curtains and do a knockout or a kill from behind the scenes. The trustworthy knife, added to Sam's arsenal is a welcome weapon of choice and you will be using this weapon far often from now. Somehow I always felt the knife lacking in the first 2 games.

The stealth factor in this game is higher than any other. One of the coolest missions in the game features action centered around a light house. You will be amazed by the lighting and water effects that ebb in this game. Overall I would say the first and second installment of the series were good but hardly differed from each other. Whereas this one not only innovates pretty well but sets a great expectation from the next one to come.