Rainbow 6 for the N64 was an exceptionaly real feeling game that opened my eyes the the wonderful world of FPS.

User Rating: 9.3 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six N64
Before its release in 1999 Rainbow Six for the N64 was advertised to be more real than any game than you have ever played, and it lived up to its expectations. Even though gamespot didn't seem to agree, I thought that every thing in the game seemed to be just about perfect. The environments were intense, the sound was nerve racking, and it all just seemed so real. Unlike James Bond who can take 100 rounds in the head before he even flinches, your squad in Rainbow Six can take a shot or two before they drop. At first it seemed like it would make the game to hard, but it turned out to be virtually seemless. The variety of levels is another great aspect of the game. Every level seems different from the last, but no less hard core. Overall the game was amazing, and is well worth you picking up for some good old N64 fun. Enjoy.