Bang and Clear

User Rating: 8.4 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six N64
Rainbow Six is a tactical FPS emphasizing realism. Gone are taking multiple shots and running around guns blazin.' This game is about taking down tangos, rescuing hostages, and generally using alot of teamwork. Rainbow Six is one of the rare FPS games that requires quite a bit of intellegence. Plan the mission out and clear the rooms with caution cause if you don't you could end up dead pretty easily.

This version of the first Rainbow Six is nice, if not the best. What's cool is that you also get two player, split screen co-op. This is sweet because you and your buddy can clear areas out together and laugh at the glitches this game has, which are many but are still manageable. Also cool is that you can choose before the mission which weapons you want to have. And It always will give you a map with recon information to help you plan it out and be tactical. What you won't get in this game though are good real-time commands like "clear the area" or "take cover", you won't be able to crouch or lean, and you won't get any sniper rifles. But even though some things are missing all of the essential things are there and a few extras, like a flamethrower cheat. Play this game if you want one of the best co-op action on 64 and/or if you want a good tactical FPS for 64.