GRAW 2 is an awesome follow-up to the previous entry with a very additctive, highly varied online multiplayer.

User Rating: 8.8 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 X360
GRAW 2 (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2) is a sequel to the one year old game that came out and was proclaimed the killer app for the Xbox 360. This tactical shooter puts you in the shoes of Ghost team leader CPT. Scott Mitchell who is put right back in Mexico to quell a rebellion by a group of rebel terrorists who threaten the U.S. border. Obviously, the plot is the stop them from starting a world war and then.........zzzzzzz Who cares about the story when you got nicely balanced gameplay that has been fixed from the first GRAW. The game puts you into a lot of intense firefights and against all kinds of vehicles like tanks, helicopters, etc. These firefights led to some big action sequences that are awesome to be a part of and makes the single player experience highly enjoyable. The graphics in GRAW 2 are absolutely phenomenal to look at since it has sharpened up from the orangery look that the first one had which was a bit annoying to look at but overall, it was refined from its predecessor. The controls are pretty stiff but if you played the first one, you should be comfortable with it. When you are trying to move your character in a certain direction, it doesn't respond as well as some the more prominent shooters. It still easy to pick up since most shooters are except you have to get used to it if you played other shooters like Gears of War or Rainbow Six: Vegas. For the most part, the sound of GRAW 2 is pretty good since you got your typical sound effects for explosion, weaponary, and so on. The music when its around in certain levels is well performed with the booming orchestral music kicking into high gear when you are in pretty intense firefights which gets you pump up during the game. The acting is hit and miss with some poorly written dialogue and the actors playing it like some typical episode of 24. The Online multiplayer game is where you really get your money's worth. It is pretty easy to find matches depending on how your connection is because it can also be hard to get a match going if your connection is not up to par to other player's connection. However, if you get a match going, it gets intense and up to par with all the other great shooters with amazing multiplayer. It also has a high variety of modes to choose from which is an example that Epic Games should had followed with their multiplayer modes. The only major flaw I had with this game is that its too short. The single player campaign is awesome but the term I looking for is sweet but short. It will take about 6-10 hours to finish the campaign which is a lot shorter from the previous entry and the story is pretty vague and non-existent which doesn't work well with the gameplay if you wanted to immersive players into these characters but I won't harp on it since they weren't really go for that kind of game. Overall, GRAW 2 is a well crafted sequel that is worth picking up for the multiplayer. However, the game didn't feel like a sequel but more like an expansion pack with more refined material add into an already great shooter. Anyway, it is still one of the more refined sequel that has came out for the 360 and should not be missed by fans of shooters. Gear up and Kick some terriorist...I mean Mexican rebel A**. :( (Sorry, can't say that word).