A really psychedelic, funky, and overall amazing adventure of a game.

User Rating: 9 | ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron GEN
Toe Jam and earl has the most obtuse plot for a game. You are two aliens who have to go around the planet and remove all of the earthlings that have invaded. Pretty much it, but what is so amazing about this game is the art style and music.

Toe Jam and earl can be played alone or coop and its fun either way, but most likely coop. IT differs completely from the 1st in that it is now a sidescroller. You go searching through the various alien trees and bushes finding power ups or just points.

The whole idea though is that every other screen is filled with annoying earthlings that you have to through glass jars at too capture. Once you capture all of the earthlings in the level, you through them in the rocket which blasts them back to earth.

The art design of this game is absolutely awesome. It is a really colorful, really surreal, and interesting.
The level design is great in that the levels are not exactly linear(even though it is a sidescroller). But the levels have different secret passages, different platforms, underground layers. Every other layer you find different funny jokes, mini games(like a break dancing mini game).

Every level is riddled with harmless aliens and cute characters that you can interact with.

The most funny thing in the game is that its hip hop related, the two characters are straight up funky, hip hop, gangsta..... But it goes well with the nonsensical idea of the game.
The music, while being midis, are great funky soundtracks that have the whole slap bass and everything, really one of the best things about the game.

Toe jam and earl have been reviewed on the wii very badly, and i completely disagree, it may suck if your a fan of the original but overall, on its own, its a great game that the developers have dedicated a great amount of time to perfect.

Try it out, it is great.