worst TMNT game ever made

User Rating: 2.5 | TMNT DS
This the worst TMNT game ever made and I usually like TMNT games in fact this might be one of the worst games ever made. It sucks because it is way too short I beat it in 56 minutes and are'nt TMNT games suppose to be mostly fighting but in this game it only has two or three little fighting parts in every mission and the graphics are horrible. They should'nt even of made this game because now if people play this game they will think all the new ones will be just as bad or even worse. So when you play the game you will think this is horrible was it worth paying for and when you beat the game your question will be answered and the answer is no it was not worth paying for it was not even worth making. The main point of this review is don't get this game ever because it sucks. Never EVER buy this game because it is not worth it at all