Short snack, if you don´t have anything better to eat.

User Rating: 6 | TMNT X360
TMNT is a game based on a CGI-movie of the same name, and despite its faults, it´s still one of the better movie games out there.

Story of course follows the movie, in which Leonardo has left to jungle in order to be a better leader, while the other three turtles have found something else to do besides crime fighting. Things get a little busy when a millionaire guy collects these weird statues and for some reason the town is crawling with strange beasts and monsters. And you guessed it: soon the fate of the world will be in the hands of four turtles.

Graphics are pretty good, but they could be better: the game forces the player to follow one narrow path, so there is some room for graphical improvement. Sound is just what you would expect, if you saw the movie, so it´s nothing ground braking, but it works.

Gameplay is very simple and centers mostly on platforming and some frequent battles. It all works well, but is also very easy: it took me just 4 hours and 33 minutes in one sitting and there´s nothing to do after beating the game once.

This game also appears to be region-free, because an NTSC-game works perfectly on my PAL-region Xbox360 console.

TMNT is so short and simple that there´s not much to say about it. If you enjoyed the movie and you don´t have anything better to play go ahead and buy this game. Just don´t pay the full retail price for it.