Old school stealth at it's best.

User Rating: 10 | Thief: The Dark Project PC
Thief: The Dark Project is one of my all time favorite stealth games and I still even till this day prefer this over many modern day stealth games.

The question from a modern day gamer might ask.... What makes this game so special? Well many reason. I'll list 5 short reasons.

1. Superb level design
2. A bow that has multiple purposes
3. A story that doesn't try to hard nor takes itself to serious
4. Great use of sword fighting in a first person view
5. Near perfect stealth

There I explained a lot of the aspects of the game that make it almost a perfect stealth experience.

Not only did thief got the stealth right, it also got the sword fighting in a first person view almost perfect. Even till this day, I'll pop Thief and Thief 2 into my Pc and play it for good times.

Despite the 10/10 I gave this game, the game does have it's flaws and annoyance but the flaws and annoyances don't make a huge impact on the game. You may be backtracking through a level trying to find a certain item for an objective. You may be slung high in the air trying to grab on to a rope. The enemy AI can feel glitchy at times, I remember one time an enemy some how didn't spot me when I was clearly in a well lit area.

If you can manage to ignore these flaws/annoyances in the game, the game is truly a master piece.

Eidos has recently released a Tomb Raider Trilogy, let's hope they release a Thief Trilogy as well for PS3, 360, and Pc, because getting Thief and Thief 2 to run on a modern day Pc can be a bit tricky if you have no idea what to do to get it running.