This game, as old as it may be, and as bad as the graphics may look, is a very, very well thought out and true classic!

User Rating: 9.5 | Thief: The Dark Project PC
-Sneaking style game play
-awesome HUD design (now we know where Tom Clancy got his idea for Splinter Cell)
-a wide range of weapons to buy
-a difficulty that will make you grit your teeth at first, but the is gone with an over-whelming sense of satisfaction when you complete a level.
-a brilliant physics system for its time I believe (the arrows actually arch)
-A great story
-You have to us your head in this game, be conscience of noise level, lighting, and patrol paths.

-some levels are just silly
-the map is horrifying in this game.
-graphics rendering was sub-standard even in its day.

This game is great and I recommend to those whom truly appreciate classics and the fact that skill is crucial in any game. There where a few levels I hated like the Lost City and Constantines House, but the maps made them hard because you can only see the area you are currently in, not what direction you are facing. This game gets a 9.5 out of 10 because of those three Cons, but hey who is perfect?