If anything, you should have this game, It is one of the best.

User Rating: 10 | Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's A Wonderful World DS
This is one of the ds games that beats almost every other game out there on the ds. The game play mechanics are just amazing, the music rhythm is so upbeating, and inspirational!. Lets get start with the review! Remember this is MY Opinion.
*TIP* Full Spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Story 10/10
There are many ways the story is interesting. The game goes through about 21 days the whole game, 7 for Shiki, 7 for Joshua, and 7 for Beat. Basically 3 weeks. The game has twists and turns from all around, and Neku learns how to finally trust people, although i think in the end of it, he got tricked the whole time by Joshua. The story is fun, exhilarating, and everything else you could enjoy.

Gameplay : 9/10
The game play is really fun, with the intelligent two split screen. You may have troubles trying to get used to the whole idea of controlling two characters at once, but once you get the hang of it, you can combo moves in a pinch. If you don't want to control you partner, you can just allow the auto - move maker to do it for you! However it is better to just control both screens since the AI is pretty slow in attacking. The game itself is about 10-50 hours long, depending on what you do, how you do it, and if you intend to master all the pins. I think there are 362 pins to master? although i am not completely sure. Some of the mechanics like clothes shopping and wearing certain threads may be fun, but at the same time may annoy some people. There is also quite a wide variety of places to move around as well.

Presentation : 9.5/10
The presentation, is absolutely amazing. Especially for a ds game. Now you may think, its a ds game, so the graphics must be bad right? wrong, the graphics are actually quite good, with some of the cut scenes as well. There are real parts of Shibuya that are actually in Japan, which makes it all more exciting to play. With tons of people, you can read their minds with the player pins, which makes things quite fun. The pins, as well, also have quite an extraordinary amount of style towards each brand.

Sound Track : 10/10
What can i say about the sound track? It is the best soundtrack i have ever heard. With about 32 songs total, it makes it one hell of a game to try. Songs such as "calling", "Long Dream", are my favorite. The upbeat theme is so crazy. It just makes you want to get sucked into the game your self. Put it Simple, It is BEAST.

Overall : 9.5/10
With amazing story, presentation, and soundtrack. This game is definitly one of the best to have come out. If you are looking for a good rpg game to play. GET THIS ONE INSIDE THE BAG!.

Thanks for reading! KThanksBye:)