The Warriors is easily one of the best movie-based video games ever made.

User Rating: 9 | The Warriors PS2
The key to making a great movie-based game is capturing everything that's good about the movie then crafting a solid game through the foundation of it, rather than just duplicating the movie into a mindless action romp through familiar environments with some movie references thrown in. I feel that this game was just right up Rockstar's alley.

At first, the gameplay will probably remind you of GTA, but the controls and animations are tailored to fit The Warriors' style. The two most notable stylish aspects are the running and brawling, which are just as visceral as they are fun and satisfying. Trying to evade cops or other gangs is a rush, and it's very satisfying to lose them in the back alley shadows. As for brawling, it's every bit as gritty and absolutely kick-ass as you'd hope for in gang fighting, especially when played with a friend. Each character has their own style and moves, giving a slightly different feel to different levels throughout the game.

The Warriors isn't exactly an open world game, but each level is in a different neighborhood, which are each usually a good size and you're usually able to roam free throughout them looking for gang tags to cover, starting fights, and breaking into stores and cars to get money. As you finish the levels, there's a map in your gang hideout where you can replay any level to get the side missions or just go back to fight the certain gangs in each area. This is where the replay value is, because I guarantee you that you'll go through some neighborhoods and fight some gangs that you'll just crave to kick the hell out of again.

The soundtrack is the same from the movie, and it's used perfectly. It adds an excellent feel to the already stylish look of the game: everything's dark and gritty, but still groovy and kick-ass. The available actors from the movie cast reprised their roles, which is especially awesome if you love the movie.

Graphics are perfect for the all around gritty nature of the game. You'll find that when in a massive brawl, the frame rate starts to stutter, especially when playing split screen with a friend. Sometimes this actually looks pretty awesome if it doesn't effect your gameplay effectiveness, because it works like a slightly choppy slow motion in which you'll get to see your fellow Warriors throwing people through windows or jumping into a crowd of gang members and bowling them over.

The story covers absolutely everything you'd hope for if you're a big Warriors movie fan. Everything is satisfying and the sheer fun of just messing around in levels will ensure lots of replay value.

The only two problems I can think of, which are very minor and unavoidable, are the frame rate stutters and the occasionally-confusing split screen. When you're near a friend, split screen goes away and both of you share the screen, which is awesome if you're good at moving synchronized, but more often then not, you'll move slightly too far away an the split screen will kick in and you'll lose your bearings for a moment. Both of these issues are very minor and they really don't effect overall enjoyment of the game.

If you like the idea of being in a New York gang in the late 1970s, brawling and stealing and messing with cops to your heart's content, or if you like The Warriors movie, or even if you just like Rockstar games, there's no reason in the world you shouldn't own this game.