Your actions speak louder than words.

User Rating: 8 | The Walking Dead: 400 Days PC

400 Days is a wonderfully crafted adaptive story game, surrounding the basis of a zombie apocalypse. As brief as it is, 400 Days delivers a heart-thumping experience of the zombie apocalypse through different scenarios, and making choices will ultimately lead to whether or not you stay at camp, or leave.

The game is divided into five different chapters, coalesced with an interestingly adaptive epilogue. Each chapter happens sometime during the 400 days into the apocalypse. The game sets inside the barren city in down town, Georgia. Each chapter can be played in any order, so you could be admitting your crimes during the start of the apocalypse, or you could be escaping from the sight of the police officers inside a cornfield.

Each chapter allows you to experience the apocalypse in a totally different perspective. Each chapter offers one big choice that determines your upcoming choice whether or not to stay at camp, or to leave. Those big choices come towards the end of each chapter, and so, it only leaves you pondering on about what's going to happen to them as you move forward to the next chapter.

And when that's all over, you play as one final character who attempts to bring everyone together. They are drawn together, so you can really start to get a feel for them. You play as a scout, sent in a quest to search for the remaining five survivors, and you have one job; to bring as many survivors back. Each character offers their thoughts and ideals as to whether or not they should leave or stay at camp, provided they've spent that long fighting on their own. Dialogue is not forced, as well, making it seem more reasonable and worthwhile to have such an epilogue to finish off the game.

However, as time goes on throughout the game, it feels as if you haven't had enough time to actually get to know these characters. You merely play their chapters for 20 minutes, max, and that's it. There's not much to delve into, not as much as chemistry between the original gang, Lee, Clementine, Kenny, etc, to feel the emotion between each choice you are entitled to make. However, this doesn't detract away from the experience "The Walking Dead: 400 Days" offers.

400 Days may be a brief game, but it's an incredible title to an incredible franchise. In that hour, or so, that you play the game, 400 Days propounds the an intense gameplay. Discover it for yourself, you won't regret it.