I cant put my finger on what makes urbz quite so addictive and satisfiying

User Rating: 8.5 | The Urbz: Sims in the City DS
Urbz is by far more fun than any other sims game in the long line and is wierdly the most addictive and satisfiying game i have ever played on a portable console.

The Good:long with lots of activities,minigames are great,money scale is just right,interesting and complex plot,choosing and furnishing your house is fun,bills and breakable appliances make for good realism,keeping your characters needs up is good,missions are variable and fun to do,vehicles and pets are good features,decent sized scenary,difficulty is perfect

The Bad: menu's are fiddley,not alot to do once you complete all the missions,graphics arn't great,occasional glitches

Urbz on DS is very similair to the gba and ps2 versions apart from some extra minigames,characters and other small
improvements,one good improvement being it tells you how to get promoted in mini games so you dont have to guess like on the other versions.

If you have never played urbz but like sims style games then i bet you'll love it once you get past the first mission(its a bit fraustrating) but after that it's surprisingly addictive

The money on urbz is spot on,its not too hard or too easy to earn it but you need quite alot to live and do missions.Money making methods include minigames,making and selling sculptures/paintings or food and more.

You can do many interesting social actions like invite friends to live with you or just come over for a chat(they might give you a present if they like your house!)You are also categorised into a rep group richies,artsies,nerdies or streeties.Your initial group is decided by some questions at the start of the game however you can change group by befrending the leader of your prefered group.What group your in decideds what xissles(character perks) you can have.

overall verdict:definitely worth getting for a long,addictive and satisfiying expierience.