The Urbz is an awsome game which sets you in a mini world of awsomeness.

User Rating: 9.2 | The Urbz: Sims in the City DS
The Urbz is an awsome game which sets you in a mini world of awsomeness.

You can create your own character from scratch and asks you to answer a few questions and depending on your answers you gain a Rep group and different Xizzles.

There are 4 rep groups, Richies, Nerdies, Arties, Streeties. Each rep gorups has there own different set of Rep Missions that don't need to completed in order to finish the game, but is worth it. You gain rep points if you do certain things; ie: if you complete all your Rep Missions you gain 2 rep points or if you have a negative relationship with the rival gang you gain 1 rep point.
You gain popularity by interacting and improving with fellow Urbz.

The gameplay is the best part if the game, you have to complete Missions(6 missions) and in each mission there are 6 Goals, and in each goal there are 3-6 tasks.You also have to complete different Mini-Games for money, there are 5 levels in each Mini-Game that earn more money the higher the level. It is a game with great longevity (25Hrs+) and will keep you engaged.

The DS capabilitys arn't in the form of a few mini-games(Docter Max Stat, Magoo Monkey, Gene Splicer, Sushi Sensei) and a touch screen PDA.

The DS version of the Urbz has a DS exclusive Mission and Area(Splicer Island) as well as extra Mini-Games and NPC's.

The graphics are better than the GBA version, which is kinda dissapointing, but are still great. That said, if you don't have the GBA version then BUY this. It was very worh it and still play it today.