Fun, and weird! have you play daily

User Rating: 7.9 | The Typing of the Dead PC
Every year there is a game that get everyone by surprize as being a great game that seem to be the dumdest idea. I read about this game years ago and while on ebay (ebaing) I say this game for sell for $50 i thought wow this game must be great so i found a cheaper one from canada for $20 with the intentions to help my little brother type better. Well i'm the one whho realize i need to type better after playing this. The game is fun and runs smooth about any cpu today can run this game with no problem the sound is great and it have you laughing at times.The gameplay is also solid. If you want a game that is fun and different this is it,also it help you type better and make you feel good inside like brain age do for the ds. PICK UP THIS GAME(well order it) I hope they bring typing of the dead 2 to the us and on the 360 with online play.