Good Game but...

User Rating: 5 | The Stanley Parable PC

Stanley parable focus on the players previous experience in games, it's a game about a game and i can see why this is so highly rated. It works well as a critique against the state of this generation of game design but in my opinion doesn't really do anything too new or exciting.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this game and how it breaks down game design that has plauged games this generation. The Narrorator being the voice of the developer who made this experience and you as a player are given a very linear path to get the true experience and the true ending. Any attempts at going a diffirent path will not be a valid way of playing the game acording to the narrorator and will leave either him or you in a state of conflict.

Alot of the humor comes from a very ironic state and says "look at this, isn't it stupid". Alot of humor in games comes from this. Just Look at Deadpool, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and Duke Nukem Forever. They critique tropes and design choices in games by putting you trough them and have the main character saying something witty about these stuff. As In Blood Dragon when your put trough a turtorial in the beginning and the main character just want to skips this or how Duke Nukem when he approches a puzzle utter the words "Damn, I Hate Valve Puzzle" but still the players has to solve the puzzle to continue the game. I feel the Stanley Parable falls into this trope of humor in games and doesn't try to convey the humor in a new or exciting way. Don't get me wrong, it's really funny but It's just stale in its expression and they rely too much on the narrotors delivery instead of writing some clever jokes.

As a satir and a critique of video games i think Stanley Parable did a very good job but it's just a game that is relevant to the present. I don't think Stanley Parable will ever reach a classic status. This game won't be relevant (hopefully!) a year from now. Even though i hate to compare games to movies but as a Godard Movie isn't really relevant to the current state of the movie buisness but acts more as a time document of the state of the cultural society of that time.

So there, a very interesting game indeed and a fun experience but falls a bit short. I do think and hope these guys keep on making games. 2013 was by far the most interesting year of games ever (In my opinion)