Being a movie game, you'd think it'd be awful especially since it has movie in the title, but it's very fun.

User Rating: 9 | The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie PS2
When I came back to revisit this game, I thought this would be terrible since not only is it a movie game, but it has movie in the title, but it was really good. The stages were from the movie, as were the cut-scenes. Compared to other games at the time, the graphics & animation was fantastic. The boss battles don't disappoint, especially the final boss. One of my favorite parts is the mini-challenges: Battle Royal, Floating Blocks, & Sponge Ball. The sound track is one of the best parts for it's a compilation of rock & jazz. The replay value may be small, & some points might seem hard, but it balances out with some easy parts & is addicting to the end. I prefer the PS2 version. Playing The Spongebob Movie on an Xbox is like playing Melee on the Dreamcast, It's not the same. If your going to get The Spongebob Movie Game (which you should) get it for the PS2.