Ultimate F.U.N!

User Rating: 10 | The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie PS2
Lets go through that F.U.N song again.

F is for friend who do stuff together
U is for U and me
N is for aNywhere and anytime at all

Down here in the deep blue sea.

Well the developers (I think) used the FUN idea for the game.


Funny characters and cartoony effects probaly become a charm together. You get to be either Spongebob, Patrick or the brand new Patty Wagon!

U-U and Me

Although there's no 2 controller system for the game, players can take turns becoming different characters such as you become Spongebob and when you switch to patrick its your friends turn. Easy huh?


Play in Bikini Bottom, the Thug Tug, in a wasteland, in Shell City, on David Hasselhoff's back and a living nightmare

Im giving it a 10/10!