The Sims is worth playing.. just check the review! ;)

User Rating: 7 | The Sims PS2
Well.. you start in ur mum's house, but she wants to get rid of you because your mature enough to leave the house.

First you should repair the TV and cook the dinner. Also borrow 800 simoleons from your mum to go life alone and get a job!

Your mums a lazy pig in this game. And the funny thing; she says you're guilty because of the mess!

She pies on the ground, you play as her and let her clean it up, she says; I AM NOT GONNA GET RID OF YOUR MESS MISTER, YOU GOTTA DO IT YOUR OWN!!!

That's kinda funny.. lol

Sorry for my bad English, never really had English on school to talk it very good, only grammar blablabla..

But the graphics are ugly, but decent for the time it came, old school memory bringing but very annoying music and alot of value; stuff, hair and fun.

I give it a 7 outta 10.