The Sims 4 - Get it or forget it?

User Rating: 7 | The Sims 4 PC

What is the Sims 4?

If you haven't been living under a rock, you would have heard of The Sims. 4 fabulously designed games by EA and Maxis, this successful video game has hit it's peak, being ported to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But today, my first review is going to be on the latest installment of this famous franchise: The Sims 4. So, do I recommend you buy this game against other video games? Well lets find out on Get It Or Forget It!

Fun Factor

Every game in existence needs this, after all, a game is designed to be fun and entertaining for the player. But, is The Sims 4 the fun and joy that you've been looking for?


And no.

The base game is very good and impressive to the eye, and being able to create your own humans and controlling their lives is a joy. Using the beautiful legal codes that the developers have been ever so kind to give us, it gives you enough money to create the dream house you've always wanted. But there's a very big cap on the base game.

A lot of areas can only be accessed by using in-app purchases. But don't worry, they're only cheap.

Is what you might be thinking but no.

Some of the add-ons in the game cost more than the game itself, and the entertainment and gameplay on the base game is extremely limited as certain areas and aspects are skipped, made quicker or are non-existent. I mean, dogs and cats is alright for an add-on but there is a toddler add-on. Knowing there are so many things you can do such as actually be at your characters job and not being able to without paying an outrageous price is upsetting. But with what you have, it's not too bad. Completing whims is very fun as it gives you mini goals that are optional. You are free to do whatever you want, and it is entertaining when your sims do odd and crazy things. Seeing your own people that you have created is extremely cool, and with the magic of mods, you have so much more things to do! Despite the cap on the base game, it is pretty fun!

Controls And Gameplay

Gameplay has to be good, otherwise your game is pretty horrid and a waste of money and time. And controls need to be smooth, otherwise it slows down the pace and overall excitement of the game. So, is The Sims 4 the game you should spend hours on?

It doesn't have to be said, The Sims 4 has hours worth of gameplay. The amount of possibilities that can be achieved in this game, mods and all, are mind-blowing! From simply making bacon and eggs to becoming a scientist, the sky's the limit in this game. One fairly annoying point is when your sims try to do something, and you cancel it, it sometimes takes an extremely long time your sim to stop and do something else. But gameplay is something that this game has plenty of, and you won't get easily bored when playing.

The controls are also very versatile. They are easy to use, and aren't clunky or slow, which fits with the action in this game. They can always be improved, such as camera movement and wallpaper placement, but nothing is perfect.


When a game looks ugly and unfinished, it heavily reflects on sales. Developed in 2014, The Sims 4 graphics are... questionable.

Some aspects in the game, such as the sims themselves, plants and items in the household have great graphics: eye-catching and stunning, but not too flashy. Other things, such as cars and food, coffee machines and bookshelves, are poor graphics. They're the little things no-one notices, but knowing that because the developers didn't spend as much time on the little details just makes the game feel... almost rushed.

The graphics are good to a degree, but some aspects are very disappointing. Overall not a bad-looking game, but it definitely needs some improvement to be able to visually compete with other games such as GTA V and COD WWII.


The sound on games is essential to add to the theme and mood. So, does The Sims 4 have you grooving?

The in-game sounds when you are playing are just the usual every-day sounds you would hear: car engines, TV sounds, cicadas. There is no fault. And the scores that play in the loading screens and menus and build mode, they're genuinely beautiful songs that really relax me. There is a little issue that at the end of the loading screen where one soundtrack starts playing and plays over another one, but that is a minor issue. The music is beautiful and relaxing, and the sounds add to the gameplay.

So, we've reached the end of our wonderful review. I have scored The Sims 4 a 7/10. It's a great game, with great aspects, but some rushed work and issues do ruin this game. I do recommend this game to you, so, it's a Get It from me. But do keep in mind the problems I have mentioned.

That's it from me! Keep calm and game on! If you liked this review, please show this to others!