What I feel about this game one year later

User Rating: 4 | The Sims 4 (Limited Edition) PC

Well, one year ago, when the game was released, I was very happy because the game was excellent, and I could not wait for the expansion packs. But now, each update is some rubbish on the base game. EA started well, with ghosts, pools, etc. They said they were going to listen to the fans, but that is one thing that they are not doing at all. We are requesting toddlers, and they said "the image is only a render, toddlers will not be in the game". I want seasons, but not only seasons in that EP, I expect parties and special days like in The Sims 3, with the Leisure Day and that stuff. I expect some good content too in CAS and build mode. If you never played any Sims game, you can play this game, it is not bad. But if you played the other Sims games (or at least Sims 2 or 3) You will find an incomplete game and mediocre stuff.