One of the best real life simulation games to ever be made!!!

User Rating: 9 | The Sims 3 PC
The Sims 3 at first sounded just like the second one, but once it came out the reaction I had was to play this game for 3 days straight. The greatness of having a Sim game without a loading screen from house to house or to a lot is incredible. The neighborhood is limited to only one this game however the DLC and the creation of a Sims 3 web page that allows quick and easy downloading of custom game items and the release of new content from the actual game developers is amazing. The skills of the Sim characters include gardening, athletics, music, collecting, and many others allows for hours upon hours of leveling each skill. The ability to gain new things to plant, or fish or create for a higher level of skill increases its value and the kind of objects that can be obtained. Buying objects is just the beginning because now the stores in the town can be bought through buying out the partners of the business and rake in money weekly which adds up after a while, which is also true for any job that is in the game because now jobs don't end with the highest rank because raises and opportunity events occur every so often. The bigger the paycheck, the bigger the house which also adds up taxes based on a percentage of the lot value, and since the top line cars cost 105,000 this game is just getting more interesting. Cars and garages are including without any modding or expansions and allow for quick traveling throughout the town. The most important part of this game is the ability to be so versatile with everything in daily life and represent it in the game in almost a perfect way. The only thing seen to not be including with this game are the option to buy boats or a plane, and of course Weather! The Weather effect included in the Sims 2: Seasons expansion was great to play in the snow or sweat it out in the sun. For this game to make itself better through the advancement of community modding would be the possibility to create own items like cars, electronics or other necessities, or even a new town. I have gone back to play this game several times now and continue to do so after new items are released and play around with different types of characters such as a Family of 5 or just a single young adult male that's just trying to make a name for himself.