No alot new thing, but you will like it if you like the pets

User Rating: 5.5 | The Sims 2: Pets PC
In University and business, you can see alot of changes in the sims 2, making it a new game !
but the problem here, pets is nothing with out another expansion pack's.

here you can buy dogs and cats, and play with them, training them, and pay little mony for them !(for eating, training, and to buy special furniture for them)

You will not be able to move your pets as you want, but you can see if they are hunger, sleepy ... etc. There are a little new furniture for pets.

you can take your pets out, and play with, learn them a new skills. The greatest thing here, you can let your pets have a job! and you must learn them alot if you want them to work well, and dont worry if you dont have enough time, you can pay to the pets trainer, and also some times you can find some pets that already have alot of skills but you will pay more to buy!
you can also sell your sims if you dont like them!

another new thing in the game is skunk, please dont play with it! and try to keep your pets inside your house if it come!

I think you will like it , if you like pets. and you will have a fun time with this expansion, you will enjoy specially If you let your pets job.