If you have PS2 The Sims:2 don't buy The Sims:2 Pets. Trust me your not missing out on anything good.

User Rating: 6 | The Sims 2: Pets PS2
This game is just bad.It is just like The Sims:2 with just about one new thing:pets.If you have The Sims:2 already your basicly rebuying it,if you buy The Sims:2 Pets.Trust me DO NOT buy this!
The Sims:2 Pets Storyline:it doesn't have one.Or at least when I had it I didn't think it had one.Really as difficulty I had to put "very easy" there's no set goals to finsh.There is however pet points like in The Sims:2 you must do the task shown to earn points.The only thing different,the name of the points.
You can however "roam" the city.But there are only 2 places,home and the park.Hell,Gameboy Sims:2 Pets is better than that!Anyway,the park only takes these pet points which if you run out you spend $5 for a pet point (I think).What a rip off to your Sim!Just think 50 pet points=$250,and I don't think 50 pets points is really a lot anyway.
However if you like dressing your Sims you'll love this game.Not only can you dress your Sim but in this game your dog or cat can look just as cute.There are MANY clothes to choose from.From Sims to cats and from cats to dogs you'll love the clothes.
Sure this game has some big flaws,but you may like it,however it's not the best Sims game by far.I think,at your next Gamestop vist when you walk to the PS2 area and see The Sims:2 Pets,walk away!Trust me,big waste of 20 bucks.If your buying a Sims game,I say try The Sims,The Sims:2,or The Sims:Bustin' Out (Each about $17.99 USED $19.99 NEW,but The Sims cost $9.99 NEW or USED,so you should buy new!)