D'oh, another Simpson game. But wait, this one is actually pretty good!

User Rating: 8.1 | The Simpsons: Hit & Run PC
After several unsuccessful tries on bring the Simpsons licensed games to the console and pc universe, Simpsons' Hit and Run suddenly emerged and it has blown us away with its excellent gameplay and style that brought the Simpsons' world to life. This is arguably the best Simpson title ever release into the video/computer games world.

Gameplay: Borrowed heavily from the Grand theft auto series except it is much more linear. Lots of platforming action and all are executed impressively. Humorous storyline. However, Driving mechanics is kinda weird though.

Graphics: Smooth framerate, great character models and pretty well done animation. But the frustrating camera angles for the platforming section is unacceptable at these day of gaming.

Sound: Great voice acting that brought out the best of every characters in the cartoon series. Cool background music.

Value: The game is pretty short, but the satisfying gameplay saved the game.

Tilt: This is probably the first Simpsons game that feels like a Simpsons game.