A stupid Silent Hill game that has alot of pointless comics and trailers as well? Of couse not!

User Rating: 9 | The Silent Hill Experience PSP
What is there to say of a Silent Hill game that isn't a game but more or less a massive amount of videos in a game? Confused? Please don't be because this UMD is worth to try!

Well, this game is enough to get any Silent Hill fan fill up his mouth. There is no gameplay whatsoever, but it's a massive compilation of videos (including Silent Hill Comics, Silent Hill game trailers, commentaries, etc...) in a PSP UMD.

The videos have good quality, the comics are nice and the trailers really makes you wish to be playing one of any games that the trailer show's!

The only problem i had was that when you're seeing the videos, the battery runs out pretty quick, but you just have to connect your PSP to an AC Adapter.

Overall, it made me, as a Silent Hill fan, be happy because such thing existed (this game) so I'm giving it a 9.0. I'm sure that this game will make many more Silent Hill fans happy too so I'm giving it a 9.0

Until the next review.