Hardcore fans' prayers have been heard.

User Rating: 8.1 | The Silent Hill Experience PSP
I finally was able to get my hands on The Silent Hill Experience. That game, or should I say, compilation of historical moments from Silent Hill, is meant for the most hardcore and loyal fans out there. So I'll make this review for you, who cannot find that UMD, and you will understand how to NOT get it unless you're dieing for Silent Hill content.

The Experience contains music tracks, Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, 4 Trailers as well as the movie trailer, it has Silent Hill comics, still frames of the games and an interview with Christophe Ganz who directed the movie and as well as the compsoer of the music for the Silent Hill franchise. Let's explore each of those options one by one, it is well deserved for such a masterpiece of work.

The music tracks: You will find the best tracks taken out of the 4 games, there isn't much to say about it other than what I just said. The sound is awesome, just perfect, and you cna feel the shivers comign back up in your spine just thinking about the games while listenin the music. great choice of selection there.

The trailers are of course..a REALLY great addition. It's always nice to come back and see the trailers of the games you've been playing for such a long time. They don,t show off any crazy wicked darkness devouring town trailer style, but good trailers, that put in sight the story of each games. The trailers would be the only thing that is worth for people who haven't played Silent Hill yet, as they would get a chance to see what it is about.

The comics, well...I havent watched them all yet but I watched some of it, and it looks nice. I can't say much about it since it is about wether you like comics or you don't, that's up to your little personal mind buddy.

The screenshots are awesome, great screenshots from great scenes of the games, enough said with them.

and here what alot must of been awaiting for..the interviews..what else could I say then it is a dream for an hardcore Silent Hill fan to be able to see interviews with the music compsoer and the movie producer.

All in all, The SH Experience is MEANT for hardcore fans, hardcore demonic sorcerers or whatever youw anna be in this Silent Hill world where nightmare and reality merges together, and which I Must say the back grounds where you walk around to get to them precious add-ons is worth being part of Silent Hill.

Overall: If you live for Silent Hill, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? GO GET IT, IT WON'T FALL ON YOUR LAP JUST LIKE THAT OUT OF THE SKY! and anybody who could care less about SH, or doesn't even know SH, or likes it but just as a little hobbie, well maybe you should check something else out instead of this.