Love the Settlers? Don't bother with this one!

User Rating: 2.8 | The Settlers DS
Being an old Settler addict, I was looking forward to this game for quite some time.

Ubisoft sorely disappointed me when releasing Settlers V - Herritage of Kings. This game had nothing to do with the original Settlers games released by BlueByte and I was almost insulted by Ubisoft selling this game under the Settlers name.

But I had hope that they had learned their lesson and picked up where BlueByte left off, and release a 'proper' Settlers for the DS. How wrong was I!

Not only are the graphics way below what you would expect but the game itself has many bugs which really take the fun out of playing. Although I can live with the graphics, for nostalgic reasons, they are much the same as Settlers 2. The touchscreen hardly ever reacts to your movements properly and if you try to zoom out and back in after you have explored a large part of the map, the whole DS just freezes up and you can start from the last save.

I have not managed to get past chapter 6, at this point the DS constantly freezes. It appears that it cannot keep up with the game and just crashes. If anybody out there has found a way to get past chapter 6, please let me know.

Overall, I am once again left very disappointed by Ubisoft. If you love the first 4 Settlers games like I do, then please do yourself a favour and don't buy this game. It will not only make you angry and disappointed, but it will also taint the fun you have been getting out of the Settlers games so far and your memories will never be the same.