The best war game on the 360 yet and the greatest underdog of the 360. This game should've gotten much more attention.

User Rating: 9.8 | The Outfit X360
Wow, this is probably my favorite game on the 360 so far. The gameplay is definately the best aspect of the entire deal. You can destroy almost everything and can wage as much war as you want. I don't know why people didn't love this game as much as most should. You are able to call in the heavy artillary, machine gun emplacements, cannons, jeeps, tanks airstrikes, and reinforcements. It's you versus the nazi in a new kind of world war two enviroment. Better war title than ever. There are many weapons including rifles, automatic weapons, flame throwers, and rocket in all shapes and sizes. The online play is intense and puts you at the edge of your seat to the full expirience of a battle in your living room. Any type of gamer could tell you tactics are the biggest part of surviving battles. For example, if you put all cannons up in the direction of the nazi's base and they have a tank, it could destroy the walls around you to come up on your blindspot. This is definately a next-gen game. It is worth buying and playing again and again.