Very short, very dull game. Nothing new or exciting about Outer Worlds at all. Hugely disappointed.

User Rating: 6 | The Outer Worlds PS4

First and foremost: do NOT spend any more than $30 on this game. Wait til it's on PS Plus... seriously it's not worth any more than that.

I really wanted to love this game b/c I have a penchant for outer space/SciFi themed games, but alas, yet again I'm hugely disappointed in another game that seems totally unfinished and at best was a bore-fest. And yet again I don't understand the 9's and 10's anyone is giving this game. Did you all play the same game I did??

First of all there is nothing new, nothing exciting whatsoever about this game. Same ol' weapons doing the same ol' things... same leveling up procedures... same upgrading mechanisms. There are NO boss battles at all. It's an ok story but the quests, whether it's the main story or side quests, are so unbelievably dull, honestly, after 10 hours doing any quests was almost a chore. I didn't connect with any characters whatsoever, didn't care about anyone or the story and unlike games like The Witcher 3 or Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the side quests usually had nothing to do with the story and were so boring I just wanted the game to be over so I could start a better game. The environments are typical "otherworldly" planets with crazy plants and a few monsters but my eyes started getting tired because the developers turned the SATURATION setting for all colors way WAY up, to a ludicrous point. The voice acting was ok at best. I can't understand how a talented developer like Obsidian made such an incredibly boring game. And there were glitches throughout the gameplay. Obsidian clearly should have spent at least 6 more months on this game.

Outer Worlds is a combination of Bioshock, Borderlands and Fallout with a little Mass Effect mixed in... but it didn't even come close to those brilliant games. Honestly, because of all those elements that mimicked those games, I felt like I'd already played this 10x over the last decade.

And WTF is that ending all about??? I won't include any spoilers but the end was so underwhelming and head scratching... it just underscored a VERY underwhelming, sloppy game. It seemed like the developers suddenly realized they had no time to finish the game properly and instead of having you, the player, actually complete the main quest and see it to fruition, the ending is a "wrap up synopsis" of how the main quest played out and what happened to all the boring characters and stupid settlements. At that point thought, I truly couldn't wait to finish and sell it on eBay.