The RPG I didn't know I wanted

User Rating: 9 | The Outer Worlds PS4

It's like Fallout and Firefly had a baby.


  • Funny dialogue and great voice acting for many NPCs
  • Cool companions (felt very Mass Effect/DA Bioware rpg)
  • So many non-combat solutions to quests
  • Combat system was smoother than expected
  • Beautiful world, including all the cool/retro art
  • Interesting backstory/lore

Could have been better

  • Only about 46 hrs for me including 99% of the side quests
  • The weapon/armour comparison feature wasn't super easy to use
  • Item variety wasn't as big as I expected, it felt like I'd pretty much seen all the inventory items a few hours into the game
  • Consumables (food) don't have long effect times, often 15 or 20 seconds only
  • Story ending felt a little anticlimactic, but the 'outcomes' of your actions at the end was well done and detailed