Just loved it

User Rating: 9 | The Movies PC
This game is really amazing because if you like games like The Sims and other virtual life games, you are probably sick and tired of waiting loading screens and freezing during the game. But the movies runs smoothly in every part of the game and it really makes you enjoy the game by allowing you to create your movies with your movie stars and crews.

As you progress in the game, it gives you more stages and buildings to edit and improve your movies. Bad thing here is that sometimes you may not find space to place those buildings if you did not organize your studio well like me.

And most importantly, there is an award ceremony given after some years and winning award gives you some advantages during shooting a movie.

You also have to deal with your stars' appearance, mood, assistant, drink and food level, social life etc. It's like The Sims in a movie studio with less need bars and complicated relations.

Overall I liked this game very much and I advise you to play it if you like winning awards in ceremonies and shooting movies with your own stars.