Managing your studio can be fun, but the movie making feature isn't very detailed

User Rating: 7 | The Movies PC
What I really liked about this game was seeing your studio grow. You start in the 1920's, at the birth of film making, and end up in the 00's, unlocking new technologies and costumes on the way. It's just really interesting to see how trends change with each passing decade. Also, the radio hosts throughout the game are hilarious and really a joy to listen to.

As a studio management game, this plays well. You have to get the highest star rating you can by having famous actors, quality movies and a prestigious studio lot to win against the other studios that you are up against in the award ceremonies. You certainly will get quite a few hours of game play out of this one. If you want to make your own custom movies however, you're going to have a few problems. It is often hard enough just to make a movie that flows together without having completely random changes in scenes and actions. You end up jumping from one thing to another due to lack of follow through scenes available to you. Of course, the game couldn't possibly have every scene you would want, but it just should not be so hard to make a movie that IS a movie, rather than a bunch of random scenes.

The other really sucky aspect of the game is that you have to wait for people to come and line up on your lot to be able to hire new stars and staff. Thing is, they won't come very often if you have a low studio rating. So, if you are getting bad reviews because you've used such and such actress in 5 movies already, you end up having a hard time getting your rating up to be able to hire new people. Also, this is a major problem later in the game when your stars start demanding entourages. This leaves even less people to hire to star in your movies and look after your studio lot, and so you're stuck with the same actors and your lot starts to deteriorate.

I agree with the Gamespot review in that there definitely is a disconnection between the movie making and studio management. Making your own custom movies is time consuming and probably more suited to sandbox mode than story mode.

In conclusion, this is a nice, fun, little management game, but people playing solely for the movie making aspect will be disappointed.