The Movies is the most addctive game I ever played. Absolutely an experience not to be missed.

User Rating: 9.7 | The Movies PC
I am a PC gamer since many years, maybe too many years. I think I have seen everything on a PC, new graphics and music impress me for two seconds, not more.
The Movies idea intrigued me, I read about it here and somewhere else on the net. It intrigued me so I waited for the release of the version in my language and run to buy it.
I use to "waste" hours with CIV IV and Football Manager, but I never spent seven hours in a row (from 11 PM to 6 AM) with a game!

The Movies made the miracle (or the disaster, I had to work the morning after), and did it with a few peculiar aspects

funny idea
easy gameplay
fast learning curve
funny voices and comments
good graphics

like all the great games, The Movies is easy to learn and hard to dominate. Let a few years pass and you'll find yourself immersed in so many problems, like drunk stars, bad screenplays, decaying buildings and lowering budget.

The game speed is actually breathtaking, there are so many things to do that you cannot follow everything. The first thing to "cut" is for sure the advanced screenplay phase.
The advanced screenplay allow you to improve already-built screenplays or write your own from scratch. It is a great idea, time freezes when you do that, but your mind is so fulfilled with all the pending tasks that you will not want to do even that. Another thing you will not do anymore after a few years is to follow the shooting phase. Going there you may adjust at you will every sequence of the movie, but you will probably not be in the mood to do it.

The most complicated and funniest aspect to follow is the management of the stars. These bastards, after a couple of movies, start consideringthemselves as gods on earth, and will want more money, a trailer, a new look and even some people to be their entourage. This steal money and time. You must do it (or fire them) or they will go under stress and start acting badly, and being food and/or alcohol addicted. When this happens, you are forced to send them to a rehabilitation center, losing them for about one year.
The movie rating depend on so many factors: screenplay, fame of the artists, relationships among them, good and new sets, innovation and a number of other aspects. Making a good movie bring fame and money to you. The game is structured in "levels". As soon you reach a milestone, a few more addictions will be unblocked, bringing new actions into the game.
Every five years a ceremony is set to give prizes to the various studios. Winning prizes allow you to live better until the next ceremony

In conclusion, I could hardly imagine to find a game that is MORE addictive than my beloved Civilization, but that's it. I must be brought to the rehabilitation center ASAP, 'cos I'm The Movies addicted already!