A great game for just about anyone. I got this game back in 2005 and I still play it today.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Movies PC
I remember wanting this game back when it came out in 2005. I bought it, loved it, I still play it. This is a great game.

This is a Tycoon game, of course. You make a studio and control it. You control the actors, directors, extras, and everything else. There are a decent number of positions to fill, which you choose who goes where and all that jazz.

This game can also be used to make Machinima. If you're not familiar with Machinima, then just scroll down a bit. But if you are, then pay attention. Later in the game, you get a Custom Script-Writing Office which can be used to make your films exactly how you want them to. Then you can export them directly into your computer and then edit them and upload to Youtube.

You can get fairly deep with costumes.

The facilities seem to need maintenance every two seconds. The voice of the narrator telling you they need work will soon make you want to kill someone.

Speaking of voices, voice acting isn't very good. It's hard to explain, but you'll know what I mean when you play it. I'm not just talking about the actors, who speak in a Sim-Like language, but also the narrator that I mentioned earlier.

Once you get further into the game, you can get some pretty awesome costumes that use special effects to use and make you look completely in-human.

The game can make pre-made scripts for you, using hired script-writers.

All of the things needed to make a movie work together great. You will most likely become a well-oiled machine soon after starting.

The gameplay is very addictive. You will most likely play for several hours at a time.

This game is just plain great.
Of course, slightly flawed, but what game isn't?
It's worth a pick-up.