Stop trying to hit me and hit me! This game rocks.

User Rating: 8.8 | The Matrix: Path of Neo XBOX
"Wow" is the first thing that came to mind when I started playing this game. In an industry ruled by great graphics and stunnign visuals, the Wachowski bros. have made a clear statement: "We're all about the fun factor." As you might have heard,the graphics aren't great, but they are pretty good. The real gameplay mechanics are the awesome fights. While Neo may walk a little awkward when not fighting, he more than makes up for it in combat with his grace. For example: I was fighting like 5 samurai in a training mission. They all got in front of me. I proceeded to horizontally jump through all of them, clasking all their swords. I flip over the last one's head, throw my sword in the air, catch it, and open his back up for debate. Awesome. There is only one attack button, but the combos you learn with that one button are all you need. You also block with the attack button, if that makes any sense at all. Instead of attacking, you will just stand there with one arm behind your back and wave your other all over the place, blocking everything that comes your way, just like he did at the end of the first movie against the agents. You can stun the enemy with B, and do some amazing combos, for instance flying up with them, and coming down with your feet planted in ther face. You also will progress from dodging bullets, to just plain stopping them, with the added option to throw them all back. Looking around in "code vision" is really cool. If you're a Matrix fan, bottom line, GET THIS. Non fans may even find the battles surprisingly fun.