Terrible game compared to the rest of the series.

User Rating: 4 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon X360
I bought this game a few days a go thinking it would be an improved game with similar game play as the first two, i was wrong. The game was terrible. A lot of the time you need to spend playing two player and is virtually impossible to beat in single player. Another thing i didnt like is that your tied to the other dragon Cynder, this is when you need two players because the A.I is completely retarded. The only part i found to be better about this game is that you can fly all the time instead of gliding. Sparks is now just a cocky little firefly who is not even there to show your health, you have a health bar now. You also have a mana bar now witch allows you to use really powerful attacks. You can also cycle through elements, Spyro gets 4 new abilities, fire, lightning, Ice and earth. Throughout the game these powers will get stronger as you upgrade them. THe gems are no longer treasure, but used for various things, the gems restore health, the green gems for mana and the blue for experience. I am not sure if its the same way on the ps2 games but i dont like what they have done to spyro with this game. The first and second spyro games will always be the best.