hate this legend series

User Rating: 1 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon PS3

They have really gotten away from the fun game I started playing years ago. It's turned into some horrible war game that has way too much fighting. What has happened to Sparks?? Does he not help out or is he just a side kick with a lame attempt at humor throughout the game. The game is so dark now, I hate it. My son was playing the game and says that there are scenes taken directly from Gods of War. What a shame. If this is the future of this game, I will consider it my last. Save your money. Does everything, games, have to be about war??? I've played Spyro games from the beginning and have always loved them. I was excited to try this for the Wii, but after an hour of game play I finally just gave up. The controls are not at all intuitive, and instead of exploring and solving puzzles I am just fighting enemy after enemy. I love my Wii, and I do love Spyro, but this might not be the best combination. This game is hard! You can't even get going very easily from the very start of the game and it's difficult to maneuver. Only experienced gamers will have any luck with this and they probably would find the whole thing boring. what next? spyro shooting game?