A Final Fantasy imitation with differences exactly where they were not needed

User Rating: 5.5 | The Last Remnant PC
This is actually the first time I write a review and the reason for doing so is that I really needed to share my disappointment with this game. Being a Final Fantasy series fan I expected this game to offer some of the FF excitement and magic, and indeed one can see that The Last Remnant has the potential to be a game like that, however some poor decisions leave it in the border of mediocrity.

First of all the story is no more than a classic JRPG story which is fine by me, if only it were told in a more engaging way. Our hero whose name I keep forgetting has had his sister kidnapped or something like that and is desperately trying to find her. So what? This game will most probably not make you feel any connection to its characters that seem to lack in originality, spirit and flare.

However if you can look past an indifferent story and bland characters I don't know how anyone could find any enjoyment in the battle system. Apart from the fact that most of the time you won't exactly know what is going on what really hurts this game is the randomness. You only have some generic choices in battle like attack with magic or with your weapons etc. but you don't get to choose the actual spell or skill you will be using as it is chosen randomly. This causes the player to feel less in control of things and the game to feel very shallow.

There are moments that you won't feel too good about yourself for playing this game. One of them is early on you when are being sent to some maze of caves to investigate but on arrival you find that the "maze" is just one very short linear path. Later in the game you find a woman in a tavern who asks you to deliver a letter to someone. When you agree you are instantly taken to the place where the receiver of the letter should be. Ok, so I guess I should fight some monsters first and look around for this guy. Nope, the guy is right in front me, I give him the letter and I am once again instantly taken back to the tavern. Disappointment…
Of course the game its strengths as well, the most important one being that it has some resemblance to FF games. The Graphics are pretty good and the artistic design is quite impressive in some cases. Also the game is long with a variety of environments, enemies and items.

All in all this game is average. Good Graphics and richness of content do not make up for a poor story and Gameplay where the player is only partially responsible for what is happening. My opinion is if you want to make a game like FF you'd best change as little as possible.