Prepare for an emotional rollarcoaster ride

User Rating: 8 | The Last of Us PS3

Not gonna lie...Joel and Ellie's relationship made me tear up several times throughout the game. I'm not a big fan of shooters, so the fact that I finished this game and actually enjoyed it is a big deal for me and it was their relationship that made it worth it. I do wish the game offered a couch co-op option, as that would have added to the experience to share it with someone else.

The Last of Us on the surface is essentially a zombie game, where there is a devastating plague that infects people and they all want to kill you. You have to learn how best to fight each individual type of monster and there's a good deal of stealth required (which I suck at). You meet some great characters along the way and it made me sad to leave some of them, but in the end it's all about Joel and Ellie.

I've had (friendly) arguments with people about Joel's decision in the end but I absolutely LOVE the ending. I'm so glad I gave this action adventure shooter a chance as I think the story will stick with me for a while.