More about Storyline/Plot Than Gameplay

User Rating: 7 | The Last of Us PS3

What's up, gamers? It's the first review here in in an long time. The game is "The Last Of Us" exclusively for the Playstation 3. It came out this month (June) an year ago & had tons of hype. As an result, TLOU received numerous of GOTY awards & gamers were in awe. Naughty Dog is known for various of gaming series such as Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Uncharted. The game is about Joel & Ellie making an journey through Post Apocalyptic United States. I won't spoil rest of the story for gamers who haven't play the game. Plus, it takes place 20 years after the fungus (Cordyceps) infection outbreak in the United States. I'm glad that I got the chance to play, not listen to professional gaming critics & gaming community to make up my mind. It took me 12 hours & 43 minutes to complete the game. Well, what do I think about "The Last Of Us"? Is it the best game of seventh generation of video game era or most overrated in the video game history?


+Storyline/Plot will suck you in to the point of wanting to keep playing to find out what happens next

+Voice Acting


+Ally & enemy A.I. for the fact Ellie can hold her own & enemies are smart most of the time

+The game makes you think before reacting

+Stealth tactics are phenomenal

+Use any weapon to defeat enemies

+Crafting weapons to make it stronger is pure genius

+Controls, but.....

+Flanking around the enemy is the key for survival


+Several locations across U.S.


-The game itself feels more like an glorified movie. Therefore it didn't feel like an complete package

-I didn't give an ounce of care about Joel & Ellie

-Minor glitches

-Sound would cut in & out to the point of can't hear what the characters are saying

-Controls was little bit clunky earlier during the game

-Not interested in the online multiplayer mode at all (single player driven game)

-Some enemies are one dimensional

-Non replayability

I know majority of the gaming community will rip this review in half. Please, hear me out: anytime an game feels more like an movie, doesn't make me care about two main characters, feels like another tired zombie like video game & struggles to have its own identity (is it survival-horror, action-adventure, stealth or what) in terms of genre, you'll get "The Last Of Us". Do I think the game is garbage? Nope, not at all. It's better than some of the games out there & that's the truth. But, to say The Last Of Us is the best game of all time, "Game Of Seventh Generation" or "set the benchmark to video games" is just ridiculous & reaching.