Embrace the cold, being alone on a journey of the untold

User Rating: 8 | The Last of Us Part II PS4

The Last Of Us ll has received so much praise and most awards than any other game in history. I don't think it was THAT good. It was an 8.0 GREAT in my eyes, which, is still pretty good! You can't help but notice the attention to detail each area is given. Going into an abandoned house and seeing a nice flat screen t.v. with a Sony Playstation 2 sitting on the shelf in clear detail is friggin awesome. The game is semi-open world, you can drift away from the main objective but only slightly to gather a few more ingredients for crafting. The story is about vengeance which haunts the main character through out the whole entire campaign. Even when she comes to a conclusion and seems to be living good she still can't help but leave it all behind in search for revenge.. which ultimately she never really fulfills. Combat is fun but can be very frustrating. You get into these great gunfights and you can craft and alter weapons to your liking. My only issue is that if the game wants you to be stealthy and you're not.. then if you shoot an enemy you will instantly be outnumbered and surrounded on all sides of you. Sometimes I was annoying because there was no way an enemy could just get behind me when they were all in front of me and I was sniping them off one by one.. but yet, they somehow always find a way to get you quickly even with a good cover. I think they could of improved the combat slightly but it wasn't terrible by any means. The Last of Us ll is a great game that will keep you engaged from beginning to end. So much attention to detail it looks like a PS5 game on the Ps4.