Do not buy (No spoilers)

User Rating: 2 | The Last of Us Part II PS4
I pre-ordered it a while back and when the leaks came out decided to go with it despite my concerns. If you too like me loved the first not much for the gameplay but for the story this new entry will disappoint you, all the messages the first one tried to convey are ignored in the second chapter and the only thing they kept was the one I cared less about, the game mechanics. The entire game is a political message, the bad situations the characters find themselves in are not because they make the right moral decision that turn out to be the harder one on the long run but they make stupid decisions because MUH RAZISM and MUH HOMOPHOBIA. Joel acts like if he was in a tiktok video and brakes all the rules he had. I won't give it a 1/10 just because of the aesthetics and gameplay. The happy merchant ruined yet another respectable title.